Live coverage of Aishwaryas delivery under dispute

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Saturday, Nov 12, 2011

Live coverage of Aishwaryas delivery under dispute

Is Aishwarya’s delivery over-hyped? Well, it is heard through the grapevine that a news channel has bought the “exclusive broadcast rights” for the event for a spell-binding 200 crore rupees. Yes, to our surprise it is none of the famous old channels but News One, a newbie in the field which has done this incredible act.

This news may be a song to the ears of Aishwarya’s fans but it has caused flutter in the dovecots of the old channels. One may remember that Sachin’s 100th international century was a celebrated event. After that, this event has created great hype and gala among the fans.

An argument regarding the morality of this telecast event was discussed and Arnab Goswami, Editor-in-Chief of Times Now deliberated that the delivery rights were immodest. And there is NDTV which has declared the formation of an ethics committee.  A notable aspect is that the suspension of the newly launched news channel is also under consideration.

A valid point raised by the Editor-in-Chief of CNN-IBN is that when many children succumb to malnutrition daily, the live coverage of a celebrity’s delivery takes place only in India.

The decision by the Bachchan family has displeased Kamaal Rashid and others in the entertainment industry.Whatever it is those who really do it with good intention will not say about that. Maybe that’s what the Bachchans are doing.

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