Ajith’s birthday message to his fans

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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Ajith’s birthday message to his fans

While the whole world is celebrating May Day today, the fans of Ajith are celebrating the birthday of their “thala” is in a very special way.
Ajith is turning 41 today. It is 21 years since he came into acting field.  Today, he is being compared to none other than the legends of Tamil cinema, Rajini and Kamal. His latest film Billa 2 has been sold for Rupees forty crores.

Ajith had to face a lot of hardships to reach this position. He was introduced in Tamil through the film Amaravathi. (He did his first film named “Prema Pustagam” in Telugu ).

After this film, it took many years for him to get a salary of Rs. 5 lakhs. He acted in many films but he didn’t receive proper pay for the films.
Eventhough Ajith is short-tempered and emotional by nature, he was patiently waiting for his break in tinsel town.  Having said that, Ajith also has a fan circle. “Kadhal Kottai” proved that Ajith is a saleable hero. But even after that he had his share of flops.

Ajith was shown in a new dimension in “Kaadhal Kottai”. Later, Amarkalam was a grand success and this film turned out to be a turning point in both his personal and professional life.

After tying the knot to Shalini, his film Mugavari turned out to be a superhit. After that, Kandukondein Kandukondein was released and that also was a big hit. 

It can be said that the worst phase of Ajith’s life was during the release of  films like Anjaneya and Jana. The media spread unnecessarily reports about the next Superstar and Ajith asked “Why not me?”

Following that there were endless uneasiness, Ajith’s interviews etc… later there was silence for few days.

Though there were some failures after that there were expectations for Ajith’s films. Then Paramasivan was released. In that film, there were not only changes in Ajith’s external appearance but there were also many changes in his mental state.

Ajith totally stopped talking too much. During that time only the pooja of Billa happened. Ajith got the same break through this film like Superstar Rajinikanth received for the film.

After that film, the career graph of Ajith was changed completely. He seemed to have become the disciple of Rajini. He followed a new style in the way of accepting new films, promoting films and talking.

It doesn’t end with this….as the ultimate move he dispersed his fan club during his birthday last year. After announcing this only he released the film Mankattha. What a surprise! Mankattha was the biggest hit of last year.

Though he had dispersed his fan club, Ajith realized that he is in the hearts of his fans; here then, he is continually helping his true fans.
It is his 41st birthday this year. Though there is no fan club, his fans are silently doing good things for the people.
The birthday message of Ajith to his fans is as follows:

“You can very well do good things for the people. But ensure that it doesn’t affect your life. Without harming others, do only those things that can be done by you. By doing so, you will also be happy, others also will be happy.”

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