Anjali and Oviya turn glamour queens in Sundar C’s movie

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Saturday, Apr 21, 2012

Anjali and Oviya turn glamour queens in Sundar C’s movie

When we saw that particular song sequence brimming with glamour we were not able to believe our eyes. So far, Anjali and Oviya who have been appearing as family girls have presented a glamour show.

In the movie directed by Sundar C, there are stars as Siva, Anjali, Oviya and Santhanam.  Reporters had opportunity of witnessing the song sequence during CD release of the movie.  The lyrics of the songs bear a different expression at which they were taken in by astonishment.

During the event, when Anjali was asked about the glamour revolution she has made, she replied ‘Do not speak like I am the only glamorous one.  Glamour is something which comes out of showing things beautifully.  There is wonderful role for me in the movie… Since I needed to show glamour I did that for the song.  It is not wrong. The movie is a different and jolly one.  I appear as colorful heroine.’

When asked about chemistry between her and Vimal, Oviya said ‘It is not that way.  Although Vimal is in the movie, I am not his pair.  The chemistry is between me and Siva.’

‘Siva took his turn to speak ‘No… no… the chemistry is between Oviya and Anjali… Only those two were speaking secretively among themselves.’

Director Sundar C commented ‘I requested Anjali and Oviya to do glamour for a song sequence.  For the sequence, they even volunteered to prepare costume’

 ‘As everybody weaves the story, he would imagine appropriate actor for the character.’

‘For this movie, I had some people in mind for every character… and I got those people.  Even those doing small characters have done well.’

Actors as Vimal, Siva, actress Oviya, music composer Vijay Ebenezer, cinematographer UK Senthilkumar and UTV Dhananjeyan participated.

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