Anjali says she desires husband resembling Virat Kohli

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Saturday, May 04, 2013

Anjali says she desires husband resembling Virat Kohli

Actress Anjali bolted from house and was absconding for some time.  Also, Anjali accused her stepmom Bharathidevi of torturing her for money.  Then she appeared before Hyderabad Police and gave statement.  Currently, Anjali is camping in Andhra and is doing Telugu movies. 

Here are excerpts from interview that Anjali gave in Hyderabad: -

Question:    You bolted from house and made sensation? 

Answer:    I was pushed to the plight of bolting from house due to relatives.  I consider that as        misfortune.  I desire forgetting that as a bad dream and also request my fans to forget it. 

Question:    There are many rumours about you...

Answer:    Yes... There are many rumours about me.  I do not understand why.  I cannot be angry for that.  I desire remaining indifferent to such rumours.  I would not be obsessed about those and would not keep crying.  If one is like that, he or she cannot work.

Question:    How do you desire your husband to be?

Answer:     I desire to have husband resembling Virat Kohli.  He should be shrewd and active like Virat Kohli.  When I see him, I should feel like humming melodies by Ilayaraja.  He should be resolute about his decisions.  I do not desire men who are clean-shaven.  I like those who trim their hair.  My husband should bear such qualities. 

Question:     What is your aim in cinema?

Answer:     I started my career as dubbing artist.  Now, I am an actress. Many actresses desire winning name like Savithri. But I cannot reach her level.  I desire to do movies such that my roles make lasting impression in fans. That is my desire. 

Question: What is the unforgettable praise you have received?

Answer:    In one film event, director Balu Mahendra said I act naturally. I consider it a huge appreciation. 

Question:     You have many fans in Tamil?

Answer:     Following movie ‘Engeyum Eppodhum’, I have many fans in Tamil.  Appreciation from fans is like a tonic.  They help in growth and at the same time they could push one into an abyss. 

Question:    How are you in real life?

Answer:    I am a light-hearted person and am not shy.  I can mix with others easily. 

Question:    You do kissing scenes?

Answer:    Every actress says she does not desire kiss scenes.  But, if it is relevant to the scene, an actress cannot avoid doing such scenes.

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