Anushka agrees to do duet with Santhanam

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Thursday, Jul 04, 2013

Anushka agrees to do duet with Santhanam

As per the current scenario in cine field, Santhanam is the comedian who is being spoken about like movie hero.

Santhanam’s comedy has become an inevitable part of Tamil cinema.  So, he is given the same respect which is given to the movie hero. 

As Santhanam is in the peak of his career, producers give him the remuneration he demands, and also wait for his call-sheet.  Also, Santhanam ropes in lead actresses into his movies. 

In movie ‘Singam 2’, Hansika and Anushka are pairing with Suriya.  Santhanam does comedy role in the movie, and he desired singing duet with Anushka. 

Director Hari hesitantly conveyed Santhanam’s desire to sing duet with her. To his surprise, Anushka agreed to do duet with Santhanam. 

The duet done by Santhanam and Anushka is being used as promotion for movie ‘Singam 2’.

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