Arya goes on a kissing spree for ‘Settai’

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Tuesday, Mar 26, 2013

Arya goes on a kissing spree for ‘Settai’

Actor Arya is into a kissing spree as shooting of movie ‘Settai is in progress.

There are many stars into the movie’ Settai’. The movie has actresses as Hansika and Anjali.  As per the shot, Arya needs to kiss both the actresses. 

Arya seems to be very happy about the opportunity he received. Although there were six to seven takes, Hansika unrelentingly delivered the kiss for the scene.


Then, Arya was given chance to enact lip-lock with Anjali.  But actress Anjali seems to have fussed a lot before accepting to do the lip-lock. 

Actor Arya, keeping that in mind, seems to have dragged the shooting of the scene to 15 takes.  Anjali seems to have chided Arya for giving such a strong kiss.  For the next two days, both the actresses were not to seen in the shooting spot.


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