Asin refutes reports of getting married

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Wednesday, Dec 19, 2012

Asin refutes reports of getting married

In Bollywood, reports went abuzz that actress Asin is to get married. Asin has condemned the reports. 

A Hindi television relayed news that Asin is romancing an industrialist and that both of their families have consented for the marriage.  This news has infuriated Asin. 

Asin rushed for an interview with media reporters. Here are excerpts from the interview Asin gave:-

‘Reports are abuzz that I am to be married.  This is foolish.  Those who do not like my progress are spreading such rumours.’

‘I am just aged 27.  I do not want to marry at this young age and destroy my life.  There is lot for me to achieve in cinema.  I need to get awards.  I aim to get National Award as best actress.  My full concentration is on this.  Only after achieving my goal, I would marry.’

‘For another seven years, I would be in cinema.  Only then, I would marry.  After marriage, I would stop doing movies.  I would not place my legs both in cinema and family.  Once I get married, I would quit cinema’ spoke Asin.

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