Bhagyaraj plays 'Subramaniya Shastri'

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Tuesday, Dec 30, 2014

Bhagyaraj plays \'Subramaniya Shastri\'

Director-Actor Bhagyaraj has never acted in a Brahmin role, he played a fake Brahmin in 'Idhu Namma Aallu'. And he is playing a orthodox Brahmin role 'Subramaniya Shastri' in an upcoming film 'Ayyanar Veedhi'.

Debutante Gypsy Rajkumar has said the following about the film, “ 'Ayyanar Veedhi' is a village near Rajapalayam. In that place there is a big a trouble, and 'Subramaniya Shasthri' wants to solve the problem in a non-violent manner, and 'Ayyanar' wants to solve the problem using violence. The story shows whose path solves the problem. Bhagyaraj plays 'Subramaniya Shastri' and Ponvanan acts as 'Ayyanar'. 

And, besides that Sattai Yuvan, Sara Reddy, Sinju Mon are acting in the film, the story though involves a fight between two villages, it actually explores world issues.”

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