Bharathiraja retaliates at Ilayaraja in interview

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Saturday, Feb 23, 2013

Bharathiraja retaliates at Ilayaraja in interview

Movie ‘Annakodiyum Kodiveeranum’ is direction by Bharathiraja and pairs up debutant actor Lakshman and Karthika.  Bharathi Raja is very busily into schedules of the movie.  Also, he is doing the dubbing and mixing in his studio. 

Although recent comment by Ilayaraja irritated Bharathiraja, Bharathiraja gave an interview. Here are excerpts from what Bharathiraja said: -

When would you release the movie ‘Annakodiyum Kodiveeranum’?

You could have very well asked me why I have delayed the movie. Always I plan my move.  This time I missed it out a bit.  For some time, I was abroad.  Also, as I was in search of locations for the movie, it got delayed.  It needs to be a parched village and also a comfortable village.  Even if there is one among these too, the other would not be there. 

At last I found out a village called Karattupatti by the mountains.  Till date, people from Asaloor should not stay in the village after dusk.  When I turned up there, they gathered a meeting.  They protested saying that movie should not be taken in their place.  Then, one among them recommended me saying that I am one among those folks.  Then, they granted me permission. 

How has Karthika come out in the movie?

I introduced Karthika’s mother Radha.  There was only glamour in Radha.  But this girl has performance.  The girl will reach a position which her mother has not attained.  I will challenge.

How did you select debutant actor Lakshman?

He is from an affluent family. Also, he is from Theni.  I have done drama out of his grandfather’s money.  Lakshman grew up in my laps. He is highly educated.  One day, as he stood before me, it appeared like he would suit the role.  I asked him whether he would do my movie. His father hesitated very much.  Then, I convinced him and made Lakshman do the movie. 

They say it is a real story...?

The story is that which my grandfather told me when I was a child.  The movie is about love between a cobbler and girl from another caste.  The love grows the love fails and the love sprouts again.

You stood courageously with regard to Vishwaroopam issue... Would your movie have trouble because of that...?

Kamal is a great artiste.  Would I keep quiet if they provoke him?  He limped as ‘Chappaani’ and pulled up Tamil cinema.  It is a shame that he said he would quit the country.  They have hurt him to that extent.  If they protest against every venture, how could one come out with movies?  If one takes movie about Ghajini Mohammed, then he needs to show how Ghajini plundered the temple treasury.  How could they stop it? 

They say your movie shows communal issues? 

Since the movie has been taken in village, one cannot ignore communal issues.  Would there be Ambani and Billa clash in the village?  Communal issues were depicted in movies as Vedham Pudhidhu and Alaigal Oivathillai.  The movie highlights communal issues.  Bharathiraja highlights things not spoken in stage and not related by any political party. 

How are villages now?

Villages have changed a lot.  The constructions have changed.  Farmlands have dwindled and there are houses.  Peasants have dwindled.  To be brief, luxury has increased.  But communal issues are there.  The life of ostracised people is still the same. 

Are they depicting villages properly in cinema?

I took cinema from studios to villages.  I showed villages with beauties in it.  The youth of these days show it in flesh and blood. The matter is one but the way it is shown is different. 

Music Maestro Ilayaraja has spoken a lot about you. What do you feel about that? 

We are four brothers.  But, I have come out as Bharathiraja.  The reason is that God chose me.  Many other talented Bharathirajas have not come to cinema field.  They did not get an arena. 

There are thousands of Rajini and Kamal.  They have not got the opportunity.  Rajini and Kamal got it.  However prominent we might be, it is God’s gift.  We are just the pipe.  It is God who                                             releases the water.  It is He who decides about choosing the pipe through which water flows. 

One should not be head weighted.  I told this to Ilayaraja and he turned angry.  He has spoken ill of me. 

I do not say that I am a noble person.  There is 20 percent of filth in me.  But I am 80 percent pure.  I have not hesitated to speak of my filth. 

I am fully exposed.  I do not hide anything.  He told that it is a madman’s speech.  I would not say that.  He is being childish.  Understand one thing.  One who is able would continue doing work. One who cannot would speak philosophy.

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