Biopic on Prabhakaran would motivate every Tamil, says Pazha Nedumaran

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Saturday, Aug 31, 2013

Biopic on Prabhakaran would motivate every Tamil, says Pazha Nedumaran

Bollywood cine field is making movies against Tamils and their struggle for freedom. Hindi moviemakers have sold out their dignity to Singhalese.  Also, through Hindi movies, they express hatred towards Tamil community. 

In a development, movie director V Gowthaman has undertaken mission to express Tamil people’s pain and to depict the path that LTTE head Prabhakaran has crossed. 

V Gowthaman has said that he is to make biopic movie on Tamil Eelam head Velupillai Prabhakaran’s.

Director V Gowthaman spoke regarding the venture he has taken up: -

‘The movie would reveal life of National leader Prabhakaran.  We have planned to make the movie with details of his childhood and the movie also covers the battles he took up.  The movie’s name would be announced later.’

‘The biopic movie on LTTE head Prabhakaran’s would prove a motivation for every one among Tamils’, said Pazha Nedumaran.

Pazha Nedumaran gave interview regarding movie to be made out of Prabhakaran’s life, excerpts from which are as follows: -

‘The credit of unfolding a revolutionary Yuga goes to Tamil Eelam head Prabhakaran.

Out of his capacity, he made Tamils across the world stand with their head high. 

During those days, our Tamils hoisted their flag from China in the East to Rome in the West. 

Our people, who come down the lineage, were enslaved. Prabhakaran holds the credit of changing Tamil people into Tigers. 

I consider my association with Prabhakaran as an honor.

For the last thirty years, I moved closely with him.  Through details given by people close to him, I have been writing a book about him for the last three years.  The book is titled ‘Prabhakaran Thamizhar Ezhuchiyin Vadivam’. 
The 20the century was marked by the struggle for freedom by many communities.  Till date, struggle for freedom is happening across the globe. 

There are mentionable freedom struggles in the 20th century.  Nethaji Subash Chandra Bose formed the Indian National Army and struggled for Indian freedom in the 20th century. 

Germany, Japan, and Italy, which were superpowers during those days, conveyed their support to Nethaji Subash Chandra Bose. 

Also, the 20th century was marked by Vietnamese struggle for freedom. 

Also, there was the Palestinian freedom struggle, and Yasser Arafat headed the struggle. About 27 Arabian countries stood by his side. 

Also, India gave full support to freedom struggle in Bangladesh.   

Late Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister, sent the Indian Army and assured freedom to Bangladesh. 

But, the LTTE struggle for freedom holds uniqueness among freedom struggles which happened in the 20th century. 

When struggle for Tamil Eelam was headed by Prabhakaran,  not one country or government stood by his side. 

Also, we should not forget that neighboring countries as India were against the Tamil Eelam struggle.  

The scenario being such, Tamil Elam head Prabhakaran is the only one who is continuing the struggle relying on Tamils across the globe. 

Prabhakaran is younger than many other national leaders, and has had only lesser experience. But, the other leaders achieved freedom through assistance by many countries across the globe. 

But, Prabhakaran is into the struggle with none by his side.  So, the struggle is a unique one.  Every Tamil has the duty to assist in the struggle. 

I am happy that director V Gowthaman is to make a biopic movie on national head Prabhakaran.

Our brother Gowthaman comes down the family of patriots. It befits him to make such a movie. 

Gowthaman is qualified to make a biopic movie on Prabhakaran’.

He has the capacity and intelligence to make the movie.  Above all, he is a true Tamil.  I appreciate his effort to make biopic movie on Prabhakaran.

I believe that Tamils across the globe would welcome the movie. 

The movie would bring to light the life of a noble Tamil.  Every Tamil should volunteer to help in the effort. 

Since the movie would be a motivation to every Tamil, I request Tamils to support the venture. 

It is difficult to make biopic movie on such an individual as Prabhakaran.  But, we are eagerly awaiting the upcoming movie with hope that it would register few portions of Prabhakaran’s life. 

The biopic movie would prove motivation for other directors in their quest to give such wonderful movies.  . 
You have the herculean task of making a biopic movie on Prabhakaran.  I hope that you would come out victoriously in the effort. 

But, one should not forget that he or she could cover only few portions in the history of Eelam struggle. 

I wish you every success in the venture.’

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