Bollywood protests ban imposed on Shah Rukh Khan by cricket board

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Bollywood protests ban imposed on Shah Rukh Khan by cricket board

Bollywood has risen in protest against the five year ban imposed on Shah Rukh Khan forbidding him entry into the Wanghade Stadium.  Many celebrities have blatantly condemned the cricket board.

Many Bollywood celebrities are favoring Shah Rukh Khan in his stand.  They are releasing their opinions in social networking sites as Twitter and Facebook. 

A five year ban has been imposed on Shah Rukh Khan, the associate proprietor for Kolkata Nightriders team, forbidding him entry into the Mumbai stadium.  The Mumbai cricket board has made this move.  Many point at Vilas Rao Deshmuk, the former Chief Minister and head of cricket board as reason for this move.

Shah Rukh said that he was not involved in drunken brawl in the Wanghade Stadium and that his move was to protect his daughter.  But the cricket board did not accept his explanation. 

Since the announcement of ban, many voices are arising in favor of Shah Rukh Khan.  Already, political leaders as Lalu Prasad Yadav and Mamta Banerjee have conveyed their support to Shah Rukh Khan and also have reprimanded the cricket board.

Lalu has made a hot retort that there is no need for such IPL and that it is better to pack off. 

Now, the whole of Bollywood is into the arena and is by Shah Rukh’s side.  There is prevalent anger against the cricket board and many comment the move made by the board as sheer foolishness, and it is to hide the mistake.  Also, they add that it is a typical dictatorship.

Popular director Karan Johar speaking regarding this mentioned ‘Shah Rukh is one among best fathers in the world.  It is a big mistake accusing him for protecting his daughter.’

 ‘That time he was in the position of father.  If anybody else was in his place, situation would have worsened.  Shah Rukh Khan behaved with dignity.’

Celina Jaitley:  If there is danger to child, a father could go to any extent.  Nobody can find fault even legally.  Actors are also humans… If it was I, I do not know what would have happened…

Ronit Rai: I very well know what happened there.  I know Shah Rukh’s daughter was pushed.  As a father… well done Shah Rukh! Why should a father apologize for fighting for his daughter..? Satyamaeva Jayathae.!

Anuragh Basu:  There is no mistake in what Shah Rukh did.  His action is a just one.

Music composer Vishal:  If anybody touches my family, they are in for peril.  Justice is by Shah Rukh’s side… I convey my condemnations to the cricket board.

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