Box office collection of movies in Chennai this week

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Thursday, Aug 23, 2012

Box office collection of movies in Chennai this week

5. Pandi Oliperukki Nilayam

‘Pandi Oliperukki Nilayam’ proves a nightmare for Rasumadhuravan, who performs well with any plot.  There was ban imposed upon the movie during date of release. Somehow, he dodged the trouble and movie was released.  But theaters which screened the movie failed to draw crowd.  During first three days, the movie yielded collection of just 1.16 lakhs and gave a lifetime shock for Rasumadhuravan. 

4. Mirattal

The movie proves an outcome of Mathesh’s experiement in investing money and getting back returns.  The advertisement said that the locations for movie are very different and are the first in history of cinemas.  What is the relationship between cinema and location? This question remains.  Yet, due to the buildup the movie has earned 1.42 crores in Chennai alone.  The last weekend collection was 9.25 lakhs.  This week collection is nearly five lakhs.

3. Naan Ee

The movie remains in box-office till date.  The movie which yielded collection of 6 crores through 7 weeks yielded 12.8 lakhs the last weekend.  During weekdays the movie yielded 11.8 lakhs.  Only release of movie Thuppaakki would cause waning out of the movie. 

2. Naan

The movie is a mild copy of Hollywood movie.  There could be no better modification to Hollywood movie such that it caters to taste of our masses.  The movie yielded 37.5 lakhs during the three days of weekend.  On Sunday, the collection mounted to 60 lakhs and proved a consolation.

Gnanavel Raja has resorted to drastic advertisement strategy for the movie.  The movie drew audience out of the advertisement.  The movie, which is a very average one, yielded 88 lakhs during weekend days.  The movie has so far yielded 1.32 crores as collection.

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