Cable TV operators protest relay of ‘Viswaroopam’ through DTH

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Wednesday, Dec 12, 2012

Cable TV operators protest relay of ‘Viswaroopam’ through DTH

Regional head for Tamil Nadu Cable TV Proprietors Association, Ghayal RS Ilavarasu has released a statement:-

‘Some producers try to draw audience through negative promotions.  Now, actor Kamal Haasan’s ‘Viswaroopam’ is one among such efforts.’

‘Even if Central Government favours people who try to wipe out Cable TV,  we thank Kamal Haasan for confirming through his survey that DTH has progressed by just 3 percent. ‘

‘The reason is the Chief Minister’s honest outlook by providing satisfactory service through economic plans as Cable TV.’

‘Kamal Haasan has surveyed that DTH has grown to just 3 percent. We request that he includes this as commoner’s opinion in the case we have filed in Chennai high court with regard to Cable TV.’

‘Kamal Haasan has conveyed through his statement that the movie cannot be downloaded as it is being telecast.  It is wrong information having been given to him.  As the movie is being relayed through DTH, we could prove that it could indeed be downloaded. This we could prove in his presence.’

‘As cine people protested against Cable TV several years back, Kamal Haasan said that it is an amazing evolution in this world of science.  Also, he said that we should take it in stride as we journey.’

‘It is regrettable that Kamal Haasan, who took Dasavatharam, is brand ambassador for DTH.  Also he has said that the movie is telecast just once and one needs to pay Rs 1000 for that.  If it rains during telecast, then the movie could not be seen.  Would not the person who has paid the amount demand it back?’Won’t the person who paid money demand it back?’

‘Kamal Haasan strives to increase market through technique Movie and Demand.  It is justified.  But it is viable only through Cable TV.  His magnificent make would accomplish only through Cable TV.’

‘If still Kamal Haasan loses his mental composure through sugary promises by DTH companies, neither he nor God could save his movie.  If still Kamal Haasan is adamant that he would relay the movie Viswaroopam through DTH we would relay the movie free of cast in every nook and corner through Video Scope.’

‘This is not a warning.  It is aggrieved comment by Cable TV operators who have put the second generation into the Cable TV profession.’

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