Celebs condole Panchu Aruncahalam's death

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Wednesday, Aug 10, 2016

Celebs condole Panchu Aruncahalam's death

Who’s who of Tamil cinema condoled the death of Panchu Arunachalam. Condoling the death of Panchu Arunchalam, veteran filmmaker Bharathiraja, said, 'A man who was soft, sweet and lived a simple life in spite of his tall stature in the industry.

His films had a connect with the masses. His death is a irrevocable loss to the industry'.Known for his commercial entertainers, S P Muthuraman,  who shares a special bond with Panchu Arunchalam, said, 'He never chased money and fame.

He encouraged and motivated young talents. His understanding of commercial cinema is flawless. Even till his last days, he was visited by many filmmakers who had doubts in their script'.Veteran actor Sivakumar, who had been part of many of his movies, said, 'He was there motivating you from the rod go.

A great human being who speaks less. His understanding of the strength and weakness of artistes on screen was phenomenal.'

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