Interim stay upon release of ‘Vanayudhdham’ temporarily lifted

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Friday, Apr 27, 2012

Interim stay upon release of ‘Vanayudhdham’ temporarily lifted

Chennai city Civil Court has temporarily lifted the interim stay upon the movie ‘Vanayudhdham’. The incidents related to sandalwood smuggler Veerappan have been cinematized in the movie.  In this movie, real life happenings as abduction of Kannada actor Rajkumar take place.  This movie is also being made in Kannada.  There, the name for the movie is ‘Attahaasa’.

With regard to Rajkumar’s abduction, Nakkeeran author Gopal was government’s messenger.  Gopal has stated in the petition filed with the Chennai city Civil court that he was not consulted when the scenes with regard to him were taken.   So, there is possibility of wrongly depicting him in the movie, Nakkeeran Gopal feels. 

Interim Stay upon the release of movie:

In the petition, Gopal stated that only after getting his consent, the movie should be released.  On 10th this month, the court which went into the petition imposed an interim stay upon release of the movie ‘Vanayudhdham’.

Yesterday, the case came to the hearing before judge Saravanan.  Then, producer cum director of the movie, Ramesh filed a reply petition.  In the petition he stated that Nakkeeran Gopal’s name or his role does not occur in the movie.

The court pronounced that before 10 days of release of the movie, a special show should be screened to petitioner Gopal. 

Stay lifted:

Judge Saravanan pronounced ‘I register the promise made by director Ramesh that the movie does not have Gopal’s character and name.  Also I take into account the guarantee that the movie would be screened for Gopal.  So I lift the stay for movie ‘Vanayuddham’ which would apply till June 15th. The hearing into the case would happen on June 15th.

In this case, lawyers PT Perumal and L Selvakumar presented themselves on behalf of Nakkeeran Gopal.

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