Cheran happy as his daughter Dhamini agrees to go with him

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Wednesday, Aug 21, 2013

Cheran happy as his daughter Dhamini agrees to go with him

The issue with regard to love affair between Dhamini, director Cheran’s second daughter, and Chandru, dance artiste from Choolaimedu went till the court.  Two weeks back, Dhamini bolted from house, and appeared at the police commissioner office with Chandru’s family and filed a complaint petition. 

In the complaint, Dhamini accused her father Cheran of trying to murder Chandru.  Following that, Cheran filed complaint with the police that Chandru’s family instigated Dhamini to file a complaint.  Also, Cheran added that if Dhamini is sent with Chandru, there is danger for her life, and requested that Dhamini be sent with him. 

In a development, Cheran, along with his wife Selvarani, said in a press meet that Chandru is not a good person, and that he had betrayed several other women.  Chandru had proposed love to Cheran’s elder daughter and laid the bait for her, accused Cheran. 
Cheran gave a moving interview in which he said that Chandru acted like a good person and betrayed his daughter.  Cheran asked how he could give his daughter’s hand in marriage to such a bad person, and added that, as a father, he cannot do such a thing. 
Same way, directors including Ameer, Karu Pazhaniappan, Samuthirakani, and Subramania Siva made accusations against Chandru’s family and furnished proof for their accusations. 

In a development, Chandru’s mother filed a habeas corpus petition with Chennai High Court that Dhamini should be produced in court.  Also, Dhamini appeared in court. 

Dhamini appeared before the magistrates and stubbornly said that she would go with her lover Chandru alone, and that she does not desire going with parents.  Following statement by Dhamini, hearing into the case was adjourned to August 21st.  Magistrates issued order that Dhamini be placed under custody of her school teacher. 

Following that, the case came for hearing today, on August 21st.  Then, Dhamini appeared before the magistrates and said that she desires going with her parents.  Protests arose from Chandru’s side. 

Chandru’s lawyer argued that Dhamini is mentally disturbed, and recommended psychiatric examination.  He added ‘She has been illegally kept under detention.  Cine professionals met her in person and changed her mind. ‘
Immediately, magistrates said that they had issued order for Dhamini to be kept under custody of her headmistress only after hearing opinions from everybody.  Magistrates asked the lawyer whether it is justified to accuse the magistrates. 

The lawyer said ‘I meant to say that, within two weeks, many cine people met Dhamini and changed her mind.  We are filing a petition again with regard to the issue.’

Magistrates issued order such that a petition could be filed before 1 pm.  After lawyer Sankarasubbu files petition, magistrates are to pronounce the verdict. 

Cheran commented in Facebook ‘This is the day for me to get back my treasure.  Now, there is 100 times the fear which I had when my daughter

was born.  This victory is not for me alone, and is meant for every other parent in this world.’

Further, as Dhamini consented to go with her parents, her father Cheran is very happy.

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