Cine Icons go in praise of Rajini

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Thursday, Dec 15, 2011

Cine Icons go in praise of Rajini

Director Kalaipuli Thanu has commented that whenever Rajini could enter politics he can create a sea change.

Kalaipuli Thanu speaking on the occasion of Rajini’s birthday said ‘Rajini used to tell me that it is myself who titled him ‘Superstar’.  It is the fans who have given him the name.  Rajini does not forget me whatsoever be the position he attains.’

‘Rajini stood for Moopanaar, and got 39 MLAs for him. Just one word from him changed the regime in 1996.’

‘It is only Rajini who can create political changes presently.’

Vijaykanth became opposition leader in the gap left by Rajini.

Karunaas  has commented ‘I do not understand why Rajini is hesitating to enter politics.  It is Rajini who is the sole reason for regime change in 1996.’

‘Those who have acted just two movies call themselves superstar.  Those who started party yesterday call themselves opposition leader.’

‘Some actors say they are going to jump into politics.’

‘Let me be frank… Vijaykanth became opposition leader in the gap left by Rajini.  If Rajini had started a party these people would have vanished without trace.’

‘Thaliava, don’t hesitate. If you start party now you will be the permanent CM’, said Karunaas.

Chinni Jayanth comments that he worships Rajini’s photo

Chinni Jayanth mentioned that it is Rajini who introduced him in cinema.  He added that it is Rajini’s  photo he worships.

 ‘I am the head speaker’ says Vasu Vikram

Vasu Vikram said he takes liberty with Rajini. So he said Rajini should soon start a party. 
‘I will be the speaker for the party. People like me are ready to do anything for you.’ said Vasu Vikram.

SP Muthuraman

SP Muthuraman mentioned ‘I too am Rajini’s ardent fan.  As a fan I would like to mention that every other fan should obey Rajini’s order.’

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