Cine people to conduct fast protesting levying of service tax

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Tuesday, Jan 01, 2013

Cine people to conduct fast protesting levying of service tax

The Central Government does not carry out the services that it needs to do for the masses, but levies tax over tax and usurps money from the masses.  Now, there is plan to levy service tax upon the cine world. 

In a development, the Central Government has levied service tax upon the cine world.  The entire cine world has raised voice in protest against the move.  All the divisions of the cine world gathered for an urgent meeting last evening.  The meeting was held in South Indian Film Chamber for Trade and Commerce, Chennai. 

Noted icons as Tamil Nadu Producer Council head SA Chandrasekaran, treasurer S Thanu, South Indian Artistes Association head Sarathkumar, General Secretary Radharavi, South Indian Film Workers federation secretary G Siva, Directors Association head Jananathan, and Rajendran on behalf of small screen participated in the meeting. 

Artistes Association head Sarathkumar explained the decisions hailed during the meeting:-

‘A circular was released in 2010 so as to impose direct service tax upon film producers and theatre owners.  Heeding demands of the cine world, the then Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee said there would be no tax upon the cine world.’

‘But, in the finance report released during 2012, service tax has been levied upon theatre owners and cine workers and small screen workers. This was implemented from 1.7.2012.’

This has badly hit the actors, directors, and film technicians.  There is situation such that the cine field which is deteriorating is in danger of peril. 

‘As prices are fixed upon cinema tickets in the state level, the service tax increases the expenditure for producers.  Many movies, television serials are cancelled half the way due to lack of finances.  But still, actors, directors and technicians need to pay the tax.’

‘As condemnation against levying of service tax, the whole cine world is to conduct a fast on the coming January 7th.  On the day, movie shootings and shows in theatres would be cancelled.  Further, people from all sections of cinema would go to Delhi and meet the Finance Minister. There, cine people are to present a petition demanding tax exemption’ said Sarathkumar.

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