Daniel Balaji into movie ‘Gnana Kirukkan’

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Tuesday, Sep 04, 2012

Daniel Balaji into movie ‘Gnana Kirukkan’

After a short gap, Daniel Balaji is into movie ‘Gnana Kirukkan’.  The way he stares with eyes wide open gives goose pimples.  The movie is direction by Ilayadevan.

When asked about who is ‘Gnana Kirukkan’ Ilayadevan replied ‘Humans should not see disunity. ‘Gnana Kirukkan’ is one who sees everybody with equanimity.  One who wants to live life for himself is selfish.  One who keeps others in his mind and lives life for them is Gnana Kirukkan.  Also, he quoted Abdul Kalam and gave another explanation.  Since it would become an overdose, it is not mentioned here.

Sendhi pairs up with Daniel Balaji.  She is actress Meena’s sister.  Other than these, there are actresses as Archana Kavi, and Sushmita.  Jagaraja debuts as second hero. 

Tajnoor composes music for the movie.

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