Darshan, Vijayalakshmi apologise to Nikitha

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Tuesday, Nov 01, 2011

Darshan, Vijayalakshmi apologise to Nikitha

Kannada actor Darshan and his wife Vijayalakshmi have forwarded a blatant apology to actress Nikitha.   They have also regretted for having dragged Nikitha into their problem unnecessarily.

Recently, a storm brewed centering Nikitha who had been acting in Kannada films. Kannada actor Darshan got into the battle front against his wife Vijaylakshmi. Having assaulted his wife, it seems that he threatened to murder her.  It was said that Nikitha is the reason for the clash between Darshan and his wife.

In this controversy, actor Darshan was arrested and remanded in jail.  Also, Kannada cine field imposed a ban on Nikitha. But as protest arose,  and it was taken back.

In the court, the judges advised Darshan and his wife Vijayalakshmi. Following that Darshan apologized to his wife Vijayalakshmi.  Then he was released on bail. As is the situation, Darshan along with his wife Vijayalakshmi apologized to Nikitha.

When speaking about the instance, Vijayalakshmi says that Nikitha’s name has been unnecessarily dragged in this issue.
‘ I regret and apologize for this.   I never have said that Nikitha is the reason for this problem. I have also not mentioned any other woman’s name.

We are the reason for our problem. We do not desire to blame anybody. I regret for the problem Nikitha is facing. I feel deeply for complicating her life. Initially I did not know that there has been a ban imposed on her against acting in the films. Everything happened in the spur of the moment. ‘

 Darshan also has forwarded his apology.

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