Deepa Shah gets into tussle with Oviya in shooting spot

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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Deepa Shah gets into tussle with Oviya in shooting spot

During shooting for movie ‘Sillunnu Oru Sandhippu’, actress Deepa Shah was infuriated at Oviya’s request not to speak loudly.  It resulted in tussle between Deepa Shah and Oviya.  Later, Deepa Shah left the spot in a huff.  This resulted in a flutter.

It is the present scenario that more than reports about concerned movie, the happenings in the shooting spot are being spoken about much.  Since there is free advertisement through this, the concerned people do not refute the reports.

In that line, issue between Oviya and Deepa who are hotly and busily into Tamil movie has been released as report.

Both have combined for movie ‘Sillunnu Oru Sandhippu’.  Vimal is the hero for the movie.  He already paired up with Oviya for two movies.  This is the third time he is pairing up with Oviya.

Recently, the shooting for the movie was held in Madhavaram.  Both Oviya and Deepa Shah were waiting in the caravan for the next shot.  Then Oviya was giving interview to a reporter.

Deepa Shah was sitting besides and talking over cell phone.  Since she was loudly speaking over phone, Oviya found it difficult to give interview.

So, she seems to have called Deepa Shah and suggested her to speak at a lower pitch, or speak later over the phone.  Deepa Shan seems to have been offended by this remark.   Shouting at Oviya, she left in a huff and took an auto from the shooting spot.

Immediately, production managers went behind Deepa and calmed her down.  But since relevant shots for Oviya were over, she had already left.

When enquired with Oviya she said ‘I have already acted with Deepa Shah.  We both are good friends.  Even during this shooting, I did not fight.  Deepa Shah was speaking loudly.  I just suggested her to be calm.  I did not fight.  Even now I consider her a friend.’

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