Celebrations at Deivathirumagal camp

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Friday, Aug 05, 2011

Celebrations at Deivathirumagal camp

There is never a dull moment in the Deivathirumagal camp.

Since its release on July 15, Vikram, director Vijay and G Dhananjayan of UTV were all over the place promoting the film aggressively.

To celebrate the success of the film and to thank the media, the team once again got together for a Thanksgiving function organised at a star hotel in Chennai. The notable absentees were Baby Sara and Santhanam

The positive vibes and camaraderie between the unit members especially the two leading ladies Anushka and Amala were seen to be believed.

The media turned up in full swing and the highlight was when the entire unit, all sporting ‘Deivathirumagal T-shirts’ gave a standing ovation to the media.

In spite of a busy schedule and shooting non-stop, Vikram was full of energy and raring to go. The two ladies sitting on either sides of him were seen sharing some light moments with him.

Director Bala made a quick dash after the event to make it on time to give away mementos to everyone. Dhananjayan thanked the media who supported the film and reiterated the fact that it was team work that made the film a huge success.

Director Vijay took the opportunity to honour each and every person behind the camera like dubbing artists Baby Sringa (Baby Sara), Deepa Venkat (Anushka) and Savitha (Amala Paul) who gave voice, assistant directors, editor Antony, Music director GV Prakash, Set designers, Costume designers, Staff of Vikram and PRO Johnson. 

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