Vikram talks on the eve of ‘Deiva Thirumagal’ release

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Friday, Jul 15, 2011

Vikram talks on the eve of ‘Deiva Thirumagal’ release

Whatever role he takes he becomes itself from inside! That’s actor Vikram. The versatile actor spoke to the media on the eve of the release of his much touted film Deiva Thiurmagal.

“For every film that I have done I put my fullest effort but this one I surrendered the whole of me. The spirit, mind body and my whole life during my shooting days… Even before and after the shoot, for some time! That’s how I prepared myself for the character”, says the actor.

Well before the shoot began, at least 15 days before the very first scene was shot, it is said, Vikram had started practicing the life of the character that he portrayed in the film. He has done a character of a grown up man but with a mental maturity of 5-year old.

“I came in front of the camera for my first shot only after convincing myself that I have become the character from inside. I meditated the character. I breathed through it”, adds the actor.

It seems that the actor had shed 10 kg of weight before he went to shoot. He praises the people who contributed to his efforts to get into and shape up the character of an autistic man.

“I should first thank Vidya Sudha, the organization from where I learnt the intrinsic of the behavior of a special child. I’m indebted to them. Next is my wife, who is a psychologist. She gave lots of tips about the character. And, about the director, Oh, he is amazing! The freedom that he gave me to improvise my body language and dialogue was another valuable contribution”, the actor emotes.

The actor also shared a great relationship with the co-stars of the film, especially with the little actress, Baby Sara, who did the daughter of Vikram in the film. Vikram is in all praise for her dedication and maturity she showed in the sets.

“If I win an award for my role in the film, all credit would go to my co-stars and crew only. Without them this would not have been possible. It’s a beautiful film from a beautiful team. I’m looking forward for its big release”, the finger crossed actor signs off!

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