Dhanush celebrates his birthday today with all pomp and vigour

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Saturday, Jul 28, 2012

Dhanush celebrates his birthday today with all pomp and vigour

Actor Dhanush is celebrating his 28th birthday today.  The birthday celebration is being held with all grandeur at his residence.  Dhanush debuted through ‘ThuLLuvadho ILamai’ produced by his father Kastoori Raja.  His original name is Venkat Prabhu. But since there is already an actor named Prabhu, he changed his name to Dhanush for cinemas.

The tremendous welcome he received for his character in ‘Kaadhal Kondaen’ won him a special place in Tamil cinema.  Dhanush started making rounds as lead actor since ‘Thiruda Thirudi’ which yielded huge box office collection.  The song ‘Manmadha Raasa’ in the movie turned a huge hit.  The three subsequent movies Dhanush did turned a megahit. 

Before entering cinemas, Dhanush was used to frequent places conducting snooker competition.  Dhanush does not have close friends in cinema field.  Dhanush speaks with anybody for sake of courtesy, beyond which there is no intimacy with anybody.  He does not go for parties or pubs.  He is a person who prefers solitude.

The best choice among movies centring gangsters is ‘Pudupettai’ which stars Dhanush.  Currently, many actors are showing out six packs.  Dhanush started off the trend through movie ‘Pollaadhavan’.

Ever since marriage, Dhanush is seen sporting a Rudhraksha presented by Rajini.  Even during shooting schedules, he does not part with the Rudraksha.

Special report for Dhanush fans is that he turns out the first among young actors to win national award. Dhanush bagged the award for ‘AadukaLam’.  He has special affection for father-in-law Rajini.  Even during time when he won national award, he stayed away from celebrations as Rajini was ill.

Tamannaah, Shreya and Sonia Agarwal have paired up with him for two movies.  Dhanush is the first choice for directors as Subramaniam Siva, Selvaraghavan, Mithran Jawahar, and Vetri Maaran.  His movies as ‘Yaaradi Nee Mohini’, ‘Kutty’, ‘Uththama Puththiran’ and ‘Seedan’ were remakes.  He appeared in guest roles for ‘Seedan’ and ‘Kuselan’. 

Now, Dhanush does ‘Irandaam Ulagam’ directed by his brother Selvaraghavan.

Soon, Dhanush is to do a beautiful romantic story directed by his wife Aishwarya.  Dhanush and Aishwarya have children named Yatra and Linga. 

Thus Dhanush turns centre of attraction among lead actors, and his delivery has won acclaim among masses. 

Tamilstar website, on behalf of readers, greets Dhanush on his birthday today.

Dhanush's 2012 Birthday Celebration Photos

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