Dhanush in interview says Sivakarthikeyan is best pair for him in comedy

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Friday, Jul 26, 2013

Dhanush in interview says Sivakarthikeyan is best pair for him in comedy

Actor Dhanush is making rounds as noted actor in both Kollywood and Bollywood. Dhanush has shared his photos and photographs of actors who are into his movies.  He has shared these with a private television channel. 

Dhanush has said that field of cinema is God which has given him livelihood, and that his brother Selvaraghavan who introduced him in the cine field, is like his father. 

Also, Dhanush answered questions put by the compeers.

Question: Who is an appropriate pair for you in comedy?

Sivakarthikeyan, who joined hands with me for movie ‘3’, is suitable pair for me in comedy.  Although I am happy that he has turned a hero, there is a trace of disappointment in me. I have missed a good comedian.  If he had remained as comedian, he would have been my suitable pair. 

Question:  In many programs, you have said that Goundamani is your leader… What is your opinion about that?

I like Goundamani’s comedy very much.  He is not a face in cinema or television. He appears like he is one among us.  That is his accomplishment.  I would prepare a story for him and approach him.  I have hope that I would team up with him for movie. 

I desire taking photographs with two people. One is Ilayaraja and another is Goundamani.

Question:  Which among lyrics impressed you the most?

I very much liked the lines in ‘Kumki’ which describe how the hero feels when he sees his lover.  ‘Nooru Kodi Vaanavil Maari Maari Thondruthe…’ There could be no better description of the person you love…

Question:  What do you feel about singing for movies? 

I have not learnt singing from anybody.  I sing to the best of my knowledge.  Music composers make amends to it. 

Question:  Do you like being central figure of the story… or being a hero?

I can tell it only after taking into account the movie chance I receive.  I desire both of these.  But, my brother desires that I should be the central figure in the story.  But, that is not the case with me.  I desire doing every type of movie. 

Question: Your opinion about depicting software engineers and doctors as great people…

Like doctors and software engineers, we are simple people.  There is nothing special about cine people.  Only the publicity given to us isolates us from others.  Whatever we do, it turns popular. 

Question: Do you take time to read rumors? 

I do not go through rumors released in the media.  When somebody who reads rumor about me relates it to me, I just make a slight nod and move away.  I do not mind rumors. 

Question:  It is said that you follow superstar Rajini with respect to dress code…

I am a Tamil, and the traditional dress of a Tamil is dhoti and shawl.  That is the dress suitable for me, and so I wear it.  But, there is no necessity for me to follow Rajini.

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