Dhanush to direct in Hindi

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Saturday, Nov 05, 2011

Dhanush to direct in Hindi

Dhanush had dreams of becoming a director at the beginning of his career. While he was acting in Thulluvatho Ilavai, he had expressed his desire to direct a film.

Now, it’s the time for Dhanush’s dream to fructify. For the first time, Dhanush is directing a film. But this film is not being directed in Tamil, but in Hindi!

Currently Dhanush is acting in the directorial venture of his wife Aishwarya: Three; Dhanush is assisting his wife for this film.
Recently, Dhanush met a top actor in Mumbai and narrated a story. Since Dhanush is Rajinikanth’s son-in-law he received great welcome.
Since the top actor liked the story narrated by Dhanush very much, he has a special respect for Dhanush beyond the fact that the latter is the son-in-law of Rajini.

The top actor has stated that we can start the shooting as soon as possible. Dhanush is acting in a special role in this film. This decision is due to the reason that the priority is for directing.

When asked about the reason for directing his first film in hindi, Dhanush says, “ Why shouldn’t I direct in Hindi? If the story and actor are ok, language is not a bar. We receive a bigger reach if we do the film in Hindi.”

Dhanush is commencing the shooting of this film in the mid of 2012.


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