Director moved to tears during ‘Pattathu Yaanai’ audio launch

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Monday, Jun 24, 2013

Director moved to tears during ‘Pattathu Yaanai’ audio launch

Vishal does upcoming flick ‘Pattathu Yaanai’.  Arjun’s daughter Aishwarya is debuting in cine field as heroine through the movie.  The movie ‘Pattathu Yaanai’ is produced by Michael Rayappan. The audio launch and trailer release of the movie were held in Prasad Lab Theatre, Vadapalani.

Actor Arya participated and released the audio CD.

Arya spoke on the event: -

Vishal and director Boopathy Pandian are a good combination, and the combination would work out successfully. 

Director Boopathy Pandian spoke: -

‘Reason for me to direct the movie is Vishal.  I told him the story.  As I finished the story till interval, he said that he would speak to producer over phone and then make movie out of the story.  I would not forget Vishal’s help for life’ said the director and was moved to tears. 

Then, director Boopathy Pandian went near Vishal, hugged him and shed tears.

Vishal spoke on the event: -

‘As movie ‘Malaikottai’ neared finish, I and Boopathy  Pandian desired teaming up again.  Since there was no time, it did not happen.  After five years, we have joined hands.  He said that I am reason for him to stand here.  Boopathy Pandian could relate a story humorously.  Boopathy Pandian shows the way to other directors to make a comedy movie a hit movie.  Good things will happen to those who make others laugh.’

‘Boopathy Pandian should direct movies without leaving gap.  I liked it when he told the story.  There is an important feature during interval.  If the chemistry between the hero and director is good, the movie would turn hit.  It is prominent in the movie.  Also, I received a good producer as Michael Rayappan.  He has spent huge amount for the movie.’

‘Arjun’s daughter Aishwarya is debuting as heroine.  Arjun is my master.  Fans should welcome Aishwarya.  Santhanam has done good comedy in the movie.’ 

Others as Sundarrajan MLA, producers Michael Rayappan, actors as Mayilsamy, John Vijay, and music composer Thaman spoke on the audio launch.

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