DMK head Karunanidhi deplores hassles to ‘Thalaivaa’

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Saturday, Aug 10, 2013

DMK head Karunanidhi deplores hassles to ‘Thalaivaa’

‘Thalaivaa’ is movie starring Vijay, and the movie has hit screens across the globe. But, the movie has not been released in Tamil Nadu. Karunanidhi, head of DMK political party has condemned hassles to release of movie ‘Thalaivaa’ in Tamil Nadu. 

Karunanidhi released a statement in which he mentioned: -

‘I am not able to make out what is happening in Tamil Nadu.  If any politician opens his mouth about Chief Minister, a defamation case is filed.  Also, if media releases their speech, a defamation case is filed.  For the past few months, in Villupuram District, prohibitory order under section 144 is in vogue.  One cannot conduct a public meeting or program there.’

Some political leaders are prohibited entry into some districts.  Even during time of emergency, such a situation had not been there.  They say that movie ‘Thalaivaa’ has been made at a huge budget.  Vijay has done role in the movie, and his fans are eagerly awaiting release of the movie. 

Bomb threats were forwarded to theatres which are to release ‘Thalaivaa’ as some people felt that dialogues in the movie are against the government.  But, actor Vijay has reiterated that the movie is not a political satire, and has also requested not to believe rumors being spread. 

SA Chandrasekar, Vijay’s father, is considered as very close to the ruling party.  He supported the government on several occasions.  Vijay and his father went to Koda Nadu to meet Chief Minister.  But, Chief Minister denied permission to them.

Also, I came to know that tax exemption has been refused for the movie which has a Tamil title. 

Few months back, movie ‘Vishwaroopam’ met with a similar plight. If this scenario which is against the democracy and law exists, and if people are unmindful of that, then man would start devouring man. 

Already, democracy is sick and is in the intensive care unit’, said Karunanidhi.

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