Engeyum Eppothum Raja show goes on: Organizers provide clarification on false rumours

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Monday, Oct 15, 2012

Engeyum Eppothum Raja show goes on: Organizers provide clarification on false rumours

For Immediate Release
October 14, 2012

As preparations for Engeyum Eppothum Raja show on November 3rd by Trinity Events is progressing extremely well, we are deeply shocked and saddened by the recent call for boycott of the show by some members of the community.  Trinity Events would like to take this opportunity to clear any suspicion and false information about the show and update members of the community.

Trinity Events Inc is a company founded by two successful young  professionals from the Tamil Canadian community.  It  is also a sister company of Trinity Tech, an engineering firm with over 300 employees and offices based in Canada, USA and Mexico. Recently IFFA and A.R Rahman shows which were organized by North Indian tour promoters, were enjoyed by a sizeable segment of the Tamil Canadians population. Trinity Events was established with the aim to do a similar high caliber show with the goal of promoting Tamil music, that caters to Tamil Canadians.  Based on reviewing various options and business cases, Maestro Illayaraja was selected as the viable choice.

In order to execute ground level logistics such as ticket sales, Trinity Events hired individuals to assist on a consultant basis ONLY. As organizers, staff at Trinity Events focused more on the operation and execution of administrative matters of the show behind the scenes.  Based on recent reviews and feedbacks from the public, our organization have made changes to correct this perception - including removing some individuals from their roles.

We would also like to point out that we were successful in not interfering with Tamil Heroes Week, (Maaveerar Vaaram) despite challenges around availability of venue and artist’s schedule. Our decision to select November 3rd included consultation with many stakeholders in the community including organizations that advocate for the Tamil struggle. Based on our consultation with our stakeholders, we have confirmed that the only dates to avoid in November are from the 21st to 27th in light of the Heroes Week. We have also confirmed with our stakeholders that the month of November was never proclaimed as Heroes Month at any point in the history of Tamil struggle.

While the show is profit driven, which is no different from any other similar entertainment ventures, there has always been a charitable element since the initial planning stage. Trinity Events had decided  to donate portion of the proceeds from ticket sales to charities and had already negotiated with local charities that serve all Canadians including Tamils. We have also met with Canadian Medical and Dental Development Association (CMDDA) in this regard. We are happy to announce that CMDDA will be one of the beneficiaries who will be receiving portion of the proceeds from the ticket sales of the show.  For more information about CMDDA’s projects locally and in Sri Lanka, we urge you to visit their website at www.cmdda.ca .

Staff at Trinity Events are not associated with any politics, nor hold any biases. The show is purely being organized with an interest in promoting Tamil music through a musical legend - and intended  to increase the caliber of Tamil music shows in Toronto” said Kishan Nithy, Spokesperson and Vice President of Trinity Events.  “Calling for baseless boycott only hurts us all as Tamils – curbing the community’s growth and will not do any justice to any cause” added Mr. Nithy.

For more information contact Toll Free at 855 554 4554 or by email at [email protected]

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