Ezham Arivu at top spot

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Tuesday, Nov 08, 2011

Ezham Arivu at top spot

Of the films released during Deepavali, 7am Arivu garnered a collection of 75 crores and is in the 1st place. But Vijay’s Velayudham could not cross 45 crores. Having learnt from sources that 7am Arivu will surpass the collection of Endiran, Suriya was the first person from the 7am Arivu team to thank the press.

What he said is as follows, “ The producer’s side should tell how much collection the film has made. I wish that each of my current film surpasses the collection of my previous film.

In the same way, the collection of my film Singam has already been surpassed by 7am Arivu. When I think about this I feel proud. We have shown in 7am Arivu that Bodhi Dharman lived in Kanchipuram. In the same way, we have showed that in Telugu. News have come out unnecessarily that we have shown Guntur.

Such news is altogether wrong. You have to watch the film to talk about it. Without seeing the Telugu film they are circulating such news. We haven’t released the film in Hindi yet. Before that news are circulated that Bodhi Dharman was born in Dharavi. I don’t watch my film within 10 days of its release.

I feel that I could have done certain scenes better. 7am Arivu is the first film which is watched by Rajini Sir from outside. After watching the film, he embraced me and appreciated that it is a fantastic film.
I didn’t get enough time to speak to him. During the occasion of Kamal Sir’s birthday I went to see him yesterday. He appreciated me very much. It is a memorable happening in my lifetime that my father came to my new house at Besant Nagar and appreciated by embracing me. He also shed tears of joy.

I am not registered with Twitter or facebook. There are various criticisms in these websites. I accept all the pluses and minuses.
People ask me whether I will act in historical films hereafters.
For the first 20 minutes of this film, we needed lot of hardwork. A great director has told an historical story to me. It is good till the interval. He is preparing the rest now. If everything is ok, I will act in that film.  I am only hearing the stories of my films. If I hear the story of director Vasanth and act in the film then I will be more happy.

I think Vijay Sir hasn’t yet seen the film. But Jo has asked his wife to see the film. His wife sent a message “How much efforts you have taken for a film!” I was happy.

I haven’t yet seen Velayudham. Velayudham is a masala film and 7am Arivu is a different genre film. I am also very much interested in acting in masala films. I have also acted in various films. I would like to do both types of films by turn. After Maatraan, I am going to act in a masala film only.

People ask me whether I act with one form and two heads in Maatraan. It is not apt to talk about it now. This film is supposed to release for summer holidays.

Full details of Hari’s film will release in one to two week’s time from the producer’s side.”
Suriya came alone for the press meet.

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