Fans shocked at seeing Sneha - Prasanna 'separated' posters!

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Saturday, Jul 07, 2012

 Fans shocked at seeing Sneha - Prasanna 'separated' posters!

Fans of, Tamil Cinema's latest heartthrob couple, Sneha - Prasanna were shell shocked when they saw the posters in Chennai city saying that they have separated.

But fans would not have been disappointed if they have had a deep look into the posters as they were pasted by a mobile company for its advertisement.

According to Tamil Nadu culture, Aadi Maasam (July second half to August first half) is considered to be a non auspicious month for newly wed couples and a tradition of sending the new brides back to their parent's house has been followed for a long though that seems stupid.

The mobile company ad says that though they (Sneha - Prasanna couple) are separated they can still stay in touch with each other with the help of their mobile phones as their network is good!

Fans can heave a sigh of relief after learning that it was only an advertisement strategy.

It has to be remembered here that they both got married on May 11, 2012 in Chennai and went to New Zealand for honeymoon after completing their film commitments.

It seems like mobile companies, as a marketing startegy to increase their sales and revenue, are playing into the sentiments of tamil people and crossing the limit.

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