Situation worsens as FEFSI and Producers Council clash

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Saturday, Apr 07, 2012

Situation worsens as FEFSI and Producers Council clash

FEFSI has released announcements that movie schedules are cancelled from today, and that workers who are out of town for movie schedules should return to Chennai.  Producers have taken a contrary decision of carrying out shootings with police security. 

There is difference of opinion between FEFSI and Producers Council regarding hike in payment for FEFSI workers.  Both sides were called by the workers welfare board and discussions were held.

Salary hike for 5 unions was fixed, but again issues arose between both sides.

Workers’ strike:

Following that films employees announced that they would strike.  FEFSI’s side announced that from today (Saturday) there will be no shooting, editing or dubbing works. 

Producers announced that they are not ready for strike and shootings will of course be held from today.  ‘We will carry out shootings with workers who are ready to work with us’ said the producers’ council. 

Meeting with DGP:

In a sudden twist, Tamil Producers Council’s associate head Siva, secretaries K. Muralidharan, PL Thenappan, and cine producers Gnanavel Raja, Subash Chandra Bose,  Panju Subbu and Chitra Lakshmanan met police DGP Ramanujam and submitted a petition.

The petition requested permission to conduct shootings from April 7th.  Producers, after meeting DGP Ramanujam commented ‘From today, shootings will be held with police security.’

FEFSI’s decision:

G. Siva, General Secretary for FEFSI commented ‘As per plan, the workers strike will commence on Saturday.  FEFSI workers who are out of town for shootings, are returning to Chennai.’

‘We are waiting for government’s decision.  Producers are the reason for our current plight.  It is their ego.  We relented a lot.  We will soon make announcement regarding the next level agitation.’

Amidst all these, actor cum producer Karunaas is to conduct his movie shooting today (Saturday) in Redhills. 

‘I do not agree with FEFSI’s strike.  I will conduct the shootings with required workers’ said Karunaas.

In a similar fashion, many other producers have planned to conduct shootings with police security.  But it is not known how far it will work out.

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