Gautham Menon says sorry to Karthick Naren

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Thursday, Mar 29, 2018

Gautham Menon says sorry to Karthick Naren

Filmmaker Karthick Naren of Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru fame whose next Naragasooran is  co-produced by Gautham Menon saw both of them in war of words over the film. In social media, they lashed at each other.

But things seems to have been sorted out now. Gautham Menon has said apologies to Karthick Naren. In a letter in his Facebook page, Gautham Menon, wrote, 'I understand that Karthick’s angst and rant is coming from some miscommunication by vested interests and a non-understanding of how the market works. Nobody can stop the release of a film, and we haven’t made films to be kept on the shelf.”Gautham also said that ‘every other producer goes through this.

’When a team does good work, there will be somebody trying to bring the team down. That’s all this is. In a few days, all issues will be sorted. And we’ve never held back Karthick from beginning work on his next film. He’s free to do so and he has begun work also, the letter adds.

The letter also mentions actor Arvind Swamy and claims that he refused to dub his part till his entire payment was made, adding, “We will do the needful very soon and then it’s only a release date issue'.Actor Arvind Swami, the lead star in Naragasooran, has come out in support of Karthick Naren.This misunderstanding has been sorted out between Karthick and me and we are working towards making this film see the light of day or the darkness of a movie hall very soon, Gautham Menon’s letter concludes.

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