Glamour Actress Bhuavneswari gives police statement

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Friday, Dec 07, 2012

Glamour Actress Bhuavneswari gives police statement

Popular glamour actress Bhuvaneswari bears ownership for several villainies in real life.  Actress Bhuvaneswari, along with a youth named Kumar indulged in clash in drive-in theater in Injambakkam, Chennai. 

A sub-inspector and other police personnel, who rushed to the spot upon knowledge of the clash, were attacked.  A gang which arrived at the spot to assist Bhuvaneswari, attacked the policemen.  Also, the gang took away the key of police jeep. 

Bhuvaneswari was arrested and remanded in prison.  Also, she was arrested for defrauding Rs 1 ½ crore from a person named Gurunathan from KK Nagar.  Also, she defrauded Vinayak Raj from Madipakkam of Rs 5 lakhs. 

Police arrested Bhuvaneswari for defrauding amount of Rs 1 ½ crore.  Bhuvaneswari was brought to Saidapet Court.  There Bhuvaneswari said that there is a plot being carried out against her. 

Bhuvaneswari, clad in red - yellow sari, was brought to commissioner’s office with court permission.  Police personnel headed by Inspector Kumaran grilled Bhuvaneswari with help of women police. 

Bhuvaneswari indulged in fraud mentioning name of popular private channel.  Also, Bhuvaneswari forged documents saying she is making a serial for the television channel. 

Police questioned Bhuvaneswari with regard to the case.  Here is statement given by Bhuvaneswari. 

‘I got introduced to Gurunathan, a costume designer.  Also he was providing finance for make of cinemas and TV Serials.’

‘It is true that I received money from Gurunathan for make of TV serial.  I did not receive an amount of Rs 1 ½ crore from him.  I received just Rs 10 lakhs.  They received my signature in blank documents.  I was cheated.’

Police conveyed the statement by Bhuvaneswari to the media.  During questioning, police asked Bhuvaneswari what she prefers to eat for the last night and this morning.  She requested them to buy her idly and Dosa. 

Bhuvaneswari was given food purchased from popular hotel in Egmore.  Bhuvaneswari took the food.  This afternoon, Bhuvaneswari was seated in a chair in the inspector’s room with a leg upon leg.  She was clad in yellow saree. 

Reporters went near Bhuvaneswari and asked her whether she desires telling anything.  Then, Bhuvaneswari told that she does not desire telling anything and that she would elaborate further after release from prison. 

Bhuvaneswari was wearing a yellow thread in her neck. There was sign of having worn 3 earrings.  But she was not wearing any earring then.  After being in police custody for 2 days, Bhuvaneswari was again remanded in Puzhal Prison. 

The complaint by cine producer Ashok Kumar against Bhuvaneswari is in pending.  Accusations were made against Bhuvanesari for having hired luxury car from Ashok Kumar and defrauding him by not paying the rent.  Also, Bhuvaneswari has been accused of defrauding Rs 15 lakhs. 

A case regarding attack by Bhuvaneswari’s men on Ashok Kumar is in pending.   Police have initiated action to arrest Bhuvaneswari in both of these cases.

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