Growing actor Tharun Chathriya speaks to reporters

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Thursday, Dec 01, 2011

Growing actor Tharun Chathriya speaks to reporters

Tharun Chathriya is a noteworthy actor in the current developing actors list.  He was introduced as a villain character opposite Simbu in ‘Kaalai’  by Tharun Gopi.  He has now won the credit of a unique actor.

His native is Aambur which is in the vicinity of Vellore.  For people from this district, Bangalore is an important city.  One thing is that it is near Chennai. Another thing, lot of job opportunities.  Due to this Tharun Chathriya moved to Bangalore.

His father has produced several movies in Kannada. Tharun Gopi, who gave the first chance to him, changed his name from Suleel Kumar to Tharun Chathriya.

Following this film, the movie ‘Kungumappoovum Konjum Puravam’ gave him a unique identity.  He is the main villain in this movie. Everybody who watched the movie appreciated his action.

The next movie Tharun acted was ‘Aanmai Thavarel’.  He took up the role of main villain character in Sundar. C’s ‘Nagaram’.  After doing half a dozen films including stunt master Vijayan’s own movie ‘Maarkandeyan’, he got an individual hero role in ‘Padam paarthu Kathai Sol’.  A Kannada actress Shika has played a role opposite him in this movie.

But he is not stubborn about playing hero character alone.  Consequently he has five films in hand.  ‘Mayanginen Thayanginen’, ‘Kandupidi Kandupidi’, ‘Pagal Kollai’, ‘Muppozhuthum Un Karpanaigal’,  and ‘Padam Paarthu Kathai Sol’ are the movies in which he is acting.

We met Tharun Chathriya…

The interview he gave is as follows:

Through what background you came into cinema?

‘I do not have any background.  Generally there are lots of dances and dramas in Vellore.  But there are not much cinema artistes from this district.  Through God’s grace I have got this opportunity.  My father has taken a movie in Kannada.  But I have not availed his help in my effort.’

‘I owned a music shop in Bangalore.  At a stage I realized that only cinema will click.  So I took one year of lessons in acting.  I learnt sufficient amount of dance and stunt. When I came to Chennai searching for cinema chance my friends introduced me to Tharun Gopi. Then I became an actor.

You have changed from villain to hero…How do you feel about enacting a duet?

‘That’s very difficult.  It is easy to fight like a villain, and challenging the opponent. But it is difficult to sing and dance a duet.  One has to dance, and note the expressions of the one pairing with him,  One has to change according to their body language.  This is indeed a big challenge.’

It was alleged that you acted closely with heroine Shika…

‘It’s not that.  I acted as the director told me.  In truth, I hesitated very much to act in those scenes.  I felt a bit shy when singing a duet.  But Shika has already acted in Kannada.  So she acted in such a way as to shoo away my hesitation.’

Did your costars and directors praise you at any juncture…

‘Only friends outside have appreciated me.  When I acted in ‘Kungumapoovum Konjum Puraavum’ producer SPB Charan said ‘You act naturally… you will attain a great position…’
Directors Tharun Gopi, and Sundar. C have appreciated my efforts.  But costars haven’t appreciated. I do not know why.’

Before accepting a movie do you hear the story?

‘No. I always want to know just my role.  One reason is that I have not progressed that much.  Even after I have progressed, I will ask the story if necessary.  Otherwise I listen to what the directors tell.’

Do you have any policy like you will be only playing hero role if your are to take uyp the next movie?

‘No… Whether it is hero, character role, or villain… If it is a good chance, and has the character essential for the story, it is sufficient for me… I have climbed up every rung of the ladder, and have attained this position.  This in itself is an achievement for me.  I am ready to go for good chances and make use of those.’

Who among the young actors is your friend?

I have more friends in directors, technicians, and assistant directors than among actors.  The reason may be that I have been always with those people.   In truth, after finishing ‘Kaalai’ I was the assistant director for A. M. Ratnam for the movie ‘Nee Oda Naan Thuraththa’.  It’s Tharun Gopi who directed this.  Later this movie was dropped. Then, I had a chance to act in ‘Kungumapoovum  Konjum Puravum’

They alleged that you had a danger to life of falling into a well?

‘It is not like it came in the papers.  It is a more complicated scene.  It was to be a fight scene for the movie ‘Mayanginen Thayanginen’, and it was between me and four others in water… Those who costarred in the fight scene were clinging to me out of fear…So I was not able to come to the surface and show my hand to be rescued.    I drank a lot of water and fainted. When it reached a stage where I could have died I suddenly dived to the surface and waved my hands.  Immediately they pulled the rope that was tied to me.  I was still and almost dead for two hours.  Then I was revived.  But within the next few hours I started acting.’

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