Hindu People’s Party protests movie ‘Raja Rani’

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Wednesday, Nov 07, 2012

Hindu People’s Party protests movie ‘Raja Rani’

Arya, Jai, and Nayanthara are doing roles in movie Raja Rani. There is sudden protest against the movie.  The movie is direction by Atlee.  Atlee was associate director to Shankar.

‘Movie Raja Rani is against our culture.  The movie should be dropped’ Hindu People Party has announced.  Regional secretary for the party, PR Kumar, in his statement said:-

 ‘There are scenes in the movie as one marrying wife of another.  Jai romances Nayanthara.  Arya loves another woman.  But circumstances force Nayanthara, lover for Jai to marry Arya.  Jai marries Arya’s lover.’

‘The story is such that as both realize truth after marriage, they change their wives.  It is tradition that although one loves another, one should accept the one who ties the knot as husband.’

‘Director Bhagyaraj had cinematized this in movie Andha 7 NaatkaL.  But changing wives, which takes place in movie Raja Rani is against tradition.  It is not just for AR Murugadoss to produce the movie.  The movie should be dropped.’

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