Horror tale

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Sunday, Oct 25, 2015

Horror tale

Friday, the 13th is considered evil in many parts of the world. It has become the title of a movie now. Joining the long list of horror movies is Veliizhamai 13am Thethi. Directed by Pughazhmani, the movie stars Rathanmouli, Sujakumar, M S Baskar, Livingston, Chitra Lakshmanan among others. Music is by Taj Noor and K S Selvaraj cranks the camera.

Says the director, 'It is the story of a man who plans to get married. But a total of 13 ghosts try to thwart his plans. Why and how forms the story.The movie will see latest state-of-the-art computer graphics'.'

It would be a spine-chilling horror show laced with all commercial elements, he adds. The movie is produced by M Thiruvikramkumar for Govindh Studi.

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