Ilayaraja's tribute to MSV

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Sunday, Jul 19, 2015

Ilayaraja\'s tribute to MSV

Maestro Ilayaraja will render a musical tribute to legendary music composer M S Viswanathan, who passed away recently, on 27 July here.

Ilayaraja will conduct a music show titled Ennullil Ulle, in which veteran playback singers who worked with Viswanathan, will perform his evergreen melodies on stage.

When MSV passed away recently, Ilayaraja penned a tribute. He wrote, 'the poetry, that is MSV Anna's music is something that nobody understood well.

I am saying this because there were so many technical aspects in his compositions which one would need to listen closely with rapt attention. This is the reason I became a composer'.

'Just like Devadas, the number of films that have run only because of his music cannot be counted. The kind of impact that it created on people cannot be forgotten.

The greatest symbol of that impact is Ilayaraja and this is something no one should ever forget,' he said.

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