Indian Canadian pornography actress self actualizes

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Wednesday, Nov 23, 2011

Indian Canadian pornography actress self actualizes

Indian Canadian pornography actress Sunny Leone has had a burning desire from the very beginning to be a heroine in Bollywood.  But it seems that did not materialize.

She always hates to be called an pornography actress.  ‘Why call me a pornography actress, when it could just be mentioned ‘actress’’, bursts out this glamour queen.

Sunny has newly joined ‘Big Boss’ reality show.  Almost all in Canada know that she is her own equal in pornography. Her actual name being Carane Malhotra, people can figure out only when mentioned ‘Sunny Leone’.

She opens out her heart about herself, and her Indian contacts.

She says, ‘Don’t call me a pornography actress. I hate being called that.  Since my participation in ‘Big Boss Reality Show’ I believe Indian people can make out the difference between sex-related movies and prostitution.’

‘Initially it was my desire to be a Bollywood heroine.  I desired to come here and act in innumerous movies.’

‘As a nurse I have started acting in pornography movies.  But it was my fervor to be a heroine.  But it did not happen.  So I took this as preordained for me. I do not regret this.  Only through this way, I have won the acknowledgment and entered this program.  So I am happy about the identity of Sunny Leone.’

‘I am like every woman.  Marriage will happen for me too. I too will bear children and fondle them.  My parents have brought me up in such a way that I shower love at friends.  So, I do not know anger.’

 ‘I always will complete the work given with 100 per cent satisfaction.  This brings discipline into me.’, said Sunny.

When asked about who she adores in Bollywood, she has said, ‘Until I came to this show, I was not particular about anybody.  But before the show began, I saw ‘Bodyguard’.  Instantaneously I started liking Salman Khan.  He is majestic and handsome.  I believe I will meet him. I am interested in working with him’

Salman beware… !

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