‘Iruvar Ondranal’ by assistant directors under AR Murugadoss

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Wednesday, Jun 26, 2013

‘Iruvar Ondranal’ by assistant directors under AR Murugadoss

Movie ‘Iruvar Ondranal’ is produced by an assistant director who worked under AR Murugadoss. 

A. M Sampath Kumar was assistant director to AR Murugadoss since ‘Dheena’ till movie ‘Ghajini’.  He has risen to the position of producer through production unit ‘Ramana Arts’. 

Sampath Kumar has not taken up the direction for the first movie that he is producing. Anbu G, another assistant director under AR Murugadoss is debuting as director through the movie. The reason for him to turn a director is the movie’s story.

Sampath postponed the venture which he is directing, and no sooner than he heard the story related by Anbu G, he decided to produce the movie.  Now the movie shooting is over.  The title for the upcoming flick made by two assistant directors is ‘Iruvar Ondranal’. 

Since the movie’s story centres romance, debutant artistes are into the movie.  They went in search of suitable actor and actress. They chose college students for role in the movie.  Prabhu P R, who is studying in Hindustan College, Malini, who does Vis Com and Deeksha , a model have been chosen for role in the movie. 

There are other students into the movie as Shailendri, Karthika, Janani, Praveen and Amar.  They were given training for two months and have been made to do the movie. 

Movie scenes were shot in Hindustan College, Chennai, and locations in Bangalore.  Anbu G does story, screenplay and dialogues for the movie.  Guru Krishnan, who did number ‘En Uchi Mandaila Surrunguthu’ does music composition for the upcoming flick.

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