Jai denies punished by police

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Friday, Jun 29, 2018

Jai denies punished by police

Actor Jai has denied reports that he was caught for reckless driving by traffic cops in Chennai on Tuesday. The Subramaniyapuram actor tweeted, 'an awareness video has been sensationally misinterpreted anyways I am happy that awareness message has been conveyed'.

Reports said that the police made him address an awareness video on traffic violation and the video went viral. In the video that went viral on Wednesday, Jai is seen standing behind his car along with a traffic inspector and asking youngsters not to use such type of mufflers while pointing to his car muffler.

'Due to noisy cars with such loud mufflers, elderly persons, patients and children suffer a lot. If anyone uses this, the police would seize the car,' Jai said in the video clip.Jai is currently acting in Neeya, Party and Jarugandi in the lead roles.

He shot to fame with Subramaniyapuram and followed it up with hits in Chennai 28, Goa among others.

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