I’m a city girl! – Janani Iyer

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Monday, Jul 25, 2011

I’m a city girl! – Janani Iyer

Can you forget the big-eyed ‘powerful’ cop in ‘Avan-Ivan’. When people talked big about the stunning performance of Vishal and the flavor of the movie, they did not fail to mention her acting too. That is the impressive acting skill of Janani Iyer.

“I’m getting a couple of offers in which am accepting a few seeing the roles. Thanks to director Bala sir and other co-stars who helped me in delivering a neat performance”, says the excited actress And, the actress has big plans in her career. She wants to do roles that speak her real character. “I want to do city girl like ones that reflect my real character… in the likes of Moondraam Pirai Sridevi’s and Alaipaayuthey Shalini’s”, the pretty star reveals.

Janani Iyer is a model-turned-actress, who has done numerous model assignments for local and national brands.

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