Jayam Ravi’s love for field of sports

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Tuesday, Oct 15, 2013

Jayam Ravi’s love for field of sports

Actor Jayam Ravi has so far done about 15 movies.  Among those, in four movies, he has done a sportsman. 

In movie ‘Dass’, Jayam Ravi did a football player, in ‘M Kumaran s/o Mahalakshmi’, he did a boxer, and in movie ‘Peranmai’ he did CC trainer.  In movie ‘Boologam’ which is nearing finish, Jayam Ravi does a boxer. 

Maybe because Jayam Ravi does sportsman in movie, he seems to be very interested in the field of sports.

Jayam Ravi has said that whenever he gets time, he would assist in promoting sports.

Jayam Ravi spoke ‘Very since childhood, I have been interested in sports.  The interest created fervor and taught me to be disciplined.  I am able to make out that there is a sportsman in me. 

I face both success and failure with mentality of sportsman.  Interest in sports helped in inculcating the maturity.  I am going to spend time and energy to encourage sportsmen. 

I did not plan to play sportsman although I have done the role in many movies.  I am ready to do any challenging character. 

‘In Samuthirakani’s directorial venture ‘Nimirnthu Nil’ and Kalyan’s directorial venture ‘Boologam’, I have very challenging roles.  Those movies would definitely attract fans.’

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