Jeyam Ravi wins the heart of Ameer

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Friday, Oct 26, 2012

Jeyam Ravi wins the heart of Ameer

It is director Ameer’s habit to make his actors work very hard. Due to this, the actors in his film used to cry out loud.

During the shooting of Paruthiveeran, Karthi and Priyamani literally cried due to the hard work given by Ameer. Jeyam Ravi is the new actor to join the list. The directorial venture of Ameer, Aadhibhagavan, is about to complete after 2 years of shooting and is getting ready to release. The press meet of this film happened yesterday in Chennai.

Jeyam Ravi who spoke during the press meet explained about how Ameer proved to be a hard taskmaster during the shooting of the film. He said, “The shooting was held in Bangkok for around 12 days.  I acted without paying heed to time. I had severe injuries in my hands and legs. The situation was such that I didn’t even have time to take rest. My family, who heard this, cried. They started scolding Ameer. I felt like strangling Ameer to death. I had that much anger towards him. I used to think every day as to when he will complete the shooting. Now, when I see the film I forget my pain and feel that the film has come out well.” Saying this, Jeyam Ravi returned to his seat.

Ameer, who spoke after Jeyam Ravi, said, “I cannot work in the shooting spot by drinking tea and talking happily with the actors. I prefer to work hard. I return to my normal self only when all the shots turn out well. Jeyam Ravi worked very hard for “Aadhibhagavan”. I took a shot involving a thin metal wire. Though the metal wire was about to break and it took many scenes, Jeyam Ravi would act in the scene, without any objection.”  Hearing this, Jeyam Ravi started to cry and he was unable to control his tears. There is also another matter told by Ameer which was the highlight. The matter is: Ameer told that if asked with whom he prefers to work again, it would surely be Jeyam Ravi. As soon as Ameer completed saying this, one could feel that Jeyam Ravi’s eyes  gleamed looking at Ameer. 

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