Kabali trouble for censor chief

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Tuesday, Oct 25, 2016

Kabali trouble for censor chief

At the Madras High Court, Justice N Kirubakaran, aAfter hearing the arguments on both sides in Sawaari contempt case questioned the censor board director Mathialagaen who was directed to be present before the Court how the movie Kabali was given U certificate and directed him to produce all the relevant records on the next hearing date.

Mathialagen is facing contempt since he has not complied with order of High Court in granting U certificate for Sawaari and he is appearing continuously for the past three hearings.

in the Appeal filed against the order of sawaari, the First bench ordered CBFC director to pay 3000Rs cost.The Counsel appearing for the Petitioner ie Entertainment Brothers argued that the Respondent Censor Board Director is acting malafidely towards different producers and is granting Censor Certificates according to his personal wish and for other reasons best known to him.

For example, the Movie Kabali was given U certificate which had intact more violence in the movie i.e to say almost 45 cold blooded murders, chopping of hand of one person , nearly 145 rounds of Gun firing and the Plot structure deals with a life of a gangster cum drug lord, whereas the movies like Sawaari is given U/A certificate which does not contain any such violence or any obscene movies.

The petitioner counsel also pointed out there are many such movies like this and hence the judge directed them us to file a list of all the movies that were wrongly certified as U according to the petitioner and the Judge assured that he will look into the issue in the interest of public and pass appropriate orders for streamlining the censor certificate process. 

It was also further submitted  that Kabali was given MA15+ in Australia, U/A in Malaysia (after climax portion was changed) and in all foreign countries  it was restricted to matured audience and only in India it is unrestricted and hence such an approach by the censor board director is with ulterior motives.

The Judge will pass further orders in the petition during the next  date after examining how kabali was given U certificate without any cuts and the Judge was astonished to note how such a violent movie was granted U certificate.

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