Kajal Aggarwal speaks to reporters

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Friday, Dec 21, 2012

Kajal Aggarwal speaks to reporters

Kajal Aggarwal paired up with Vijay for movie ‘Thuppaakki’.  The movie turned a hit.  Now, Kajal Aggarwal has 4 Telugu movies in hand.  Also, Kajal Aggarwal has signed up for movie ‘All in All Azhaguraja’ with Karthi.  Here are excerpts from interview that Kajal Aggarwal gave:-

‘I have movies in Tamil and Telugu.  It is God’s grace that I am receiving these chances.  People ask me when I would marry, and whom I would marry.  So far, I have not come across the person of my choice.  I would definitely not marry people in cinema including actors.’

‘I would marry an industrialist.  If he could take care of me and my family, I would go for love marriage.  Otherwise, I would marry person of my parents’ choice.’

‘Nayanthara turns out my favourite actress.  The character of Sita that Nayanthara did in ‘Sri Ramarajjiyam’ is amazing.  I am interested in doing similar role in movie. I do not prefer going to pub or party.  Once, the shooting schedules are over, I return home.  I do Yoga and physical exercises only during evenings.’

‘Before I entered cinema, I feared pets a lot.  Now, I do not fear pets.  There are many rumours regarding me.  When I did movie ‘Ganesh’ in Telugu, they linked me with him.  Also, I have been spoken in connection with other actors.  But there is no truth in such reports’

‘They say that the world would cease to exist tomorrow. I do not believe in that.  World would not perish.  They are spreading such rumours for publicity’ spoke Kajal Aggarwal.

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