Kamal Haasan speaks to press as ‘Viswaroopam’ awaits release

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Monday, Dec 31, 2012

Kamal Haasan speaks to press as ‘Viswaroopam’ awaits release

Movie ‘Viswaroopam’ is produced, directed and acted by Kamal Haasan. The movie has been made at a budget of Rs 92 crore.  The movie is to be premiered through DTH the coming January 10th. Kamal Haasan had already announced that the movie is to be relayed through DTH service providers as Airtel, Dish TV, Videocon, Reliance and Sun Direct.  In a development, Kamal Haasan has announced that the movie is to be premiered through Tata Sky DTH also.  Kamal Haasan made the announcement yesterday before the press. 

Regarding this, Kamal Haasan spoke: - 

‘As I speak of the effort, many understand that it would materialize.  They think that I am the one who discovered.  They think that I discovered DTH.  It is not that way.’

‘Already, a North Indian friend made efforts and failed.  He desired for both at a time.  That is, he got the MG from the theatres and also gave it to DTH. So, theatre owners turned against him.  That is justified.’

‘If it is something against them, they would protest.  But I am not like that.  I do not desire to do anything which spoils the circumstances which gave me livelihood.  A peasant works in the fields.  He has to do it intelligently.  That is exactly what I am doing.’

‘As cell phone was introduced, everybody knew one could talk using cell phone. But many feared it would singe their hands.  I bravely used it.  In the opposite end someone spoke. So, I spoke.’

‘As satellite channels emerged, I gave voice in support.  I told it is science and that it would emerge.  They asked me to apologize for what I said.  But I courageously told that I would not apologize.  That courage has made me stand before you.  The same way, I say that it is not mistake and what I am doing is not offense.  So, I am doing it.’

‘It is a property for theatre owners.  But, the movie is expenditure for me.  If I do not use this opportunity, I cannot get back what I have spent.  So, the owner of the property should use the property.’

‘It is a bitter medicine.  We take it understanding that it is sour.  But this bitter medicine is good for health.  Neem is bitter, but it heals snakebite.  The snake that has bitten you is pirated VCD.  This system is a bitter medicine to the problem.  Only time would say how far this bitter medicine would work out’

‘They say that theatres would be pushed to the plight of pulling down the shutters.  Yes... theatres without proper maintenance need to be shut. Those theatres which do not give good environment for watching a movie need to be shut.  But, do not state my move as reason for that.’

You are earning through hitting our livelihood.  What are you to do with this... they ask me.  I am going to raise a theatre out of the money.  As I see my brothers owning theatres, would I not desire to do that?’

‘This government has given me the entitlement to the profession and citizenship.  It is legally wrong to prevent from exercising my right.’

‘Decision was made to premier the movie through Sun DTH, Dish TV, Videocon, Reliance and Airtel.  Now, a new DTH company is following trail.  It is none other than Tata Sky.  Initially, they refused to volunteer.  They said that a ban should be imposed upon the technique of recording the movie through Digital Video Recorder.  Else, they would not volunteer, they said.’

‘Also, I told that it is not to be shown as commercial and should be shown as separate channel.  Initially, Tata Sky did not concede.  So, they stayed away.  But, others volunteered.  One hour back, they agreed to the conditions and volunteered.’

‘As such, the movie is releasing in six DTHs in India.  I did this to provide safety for theatres.  I welcome those who understand this and follow trail.  I do not worry about those who do not volunteer. 

‘There is nothing to lose. It is a golden road to take, they said.  Communist friends say this.  That is used for marketing.’

‘I invite everybody saying this is a golden road.  But, you worry that your slippers would come off.  I am happy that people have volunteered. I am doubly happy even if there are people refusing to volunteer’ said Kamal Haasan.

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