Kamal Haasan’s ‘Viswaroopam’ to implement Auro 3D technique

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Thursday, Sep 20, 2012

Kamal Haasan’s ‘Viswaroopam’ to implement Auro 3D technique

If it is to be Kamal’s movie, there is much expectation among fans.  Movie ‘Viswaroopam’, directed, produced and acted by Kamal Haasan, which took him to Hollywood, has triggered more anticipation than usual. Reason is that Kamal Haasan has implemented new techniques into the movie.  He has implemented new techniques in cinematography and sound.  Kamal Haasan has implemented a new technique by name Auro 3D in the movie ‘Viswaroopam’.

Regarding this Kamal Haasan spoke:-

‘Auro 3D would enhance the movie watching experience by several levels and would give us new experience.  I am happy to introduce the Auro 3D technique for our audience.  There are special features in Auro 3D.  I am happy that theater proprietors are volunteering to stand by the implementation of Auro 3D technique.’

‘Rumors are abuzz regarding release date of ‘Viswaroopam’.  Nobody needs to believe all those.  I confirm that genuine information regarding release date would come from Raj Kamal Films office’ said Kamal Haasan.

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