Kamal –Rajini Starrer of those days to be released afresh

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Tuesday, Jul 24, 2012

Kamal –Rajini Starrer of those days to be released afresh

Chennai:  There is good news for fans of Kamal and Rajini.  It is a doubt as to whether both would join hands for a movie any further.  Now, in such a scenario, the movie ‘Ninaiththaalae Inikkum’ starring both Kamal Haasan and Rajinikanth, is to be re-released all over Tamil Nadu. The movie is to be released afresh in theatres. 

Unlike the contemporary leading heroes, Rajini and Kamal paired up for many movies.  K Balachander did movies combining both the stars.  The movies were such that there was no partiality for one star, and one of the stars does not outshine the other.  Balachander gave equal opportunity to both Kamal and Rajini.  Also, both these actors did not mind image and concentrated on story.  Thus their delivery turned out impeccable.  In turn, fans relished the characters they did.  It could be even concluded that there has so far been no movie like the ones they did. 

The first movie for which they joined hands is ‘Aboorva RaagangaL’.  The last one turns out to be ‘Ninaiththaalae Inikkum’.  The movie is by K Balachander.  The movie filled the hearts of youth of those days.  K Balachander gave a terrific movie intertwined with romance.  The music by MS Viswanathan is evergreen. Till date, the songs are being hummed by many fans. 

The story of the movie is about love between singer of music troop and a woman.  The hero meets the lady when he goes to Singapore. The story is about the fate of their romance and the secret behind the lady.  The movie has climax which one could least guess.  The climax proves a major strength for the movie.

Kamal Haasan did the hero.  Jayapradha did his pair.  Rajinikanth’s role is very much like a second hero.  But still, he presented terrific performance with his typical style.  Particularly, his mannerism in smoking cigarette before Geetha impressed audience.

Now, the movie is to be released afresh.  The movie hit screens in 1979.  There is plan to polish the sound effects and cinematography and release the movie afresh through digital technology.  The movie is to be released afresh all over Tamil Nadu.

Already, Sivaji Ganesan’s ‘KarNan’ was released afresh recently.  The trial turned out a huge success.  Following the success, many of Sivaji’s movies are being digitalized.  Now, there is much anticipation among fans as the movie ‘Ninaiththaalae Inikkum’ is to be released afresh.

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