Kamal throws light on Uttama Villain

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Wednesday, Mar 25, 2015

Kamal throws light on Uttama Villain

Kamal Haasan was in his usual self interacting with media ahead of the release of his movie Uttama Villain. This is what he had to day about the movie.

'Directed by actor Ramesh Arvind, Uttama Villain is a film within a film; one, a social drama involving a film actor and the other, a musical set in another period.

The common thread between these two stories, Kamal said, is K. Balachander.I have been asking him to act in my film for a long time.

This time around, I managed to convince him. He plays the role of a director called Margadarisi,' the actor said.

Answering questions about the charges of plagiarism in Uttama Villain , the actor declared that he was not an ‘original man’.

He said: 'All my films take inspiration from films I have seen or even from those I have heard about,' he said.

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